Sloane B. Collins

Welcome to my world!


At least, the world I explore in books.  I write Contemporary Romance, but I’ve dabbled in Paranormal Romance and Romantic Suspense as well…now just to get them polished and off to see who wants to publish them!

Right now I’m addicted to all things French. I hadn’t ever wanted to visit France, but once I started pinning pictures on the best site ever, Pinterest, for my first book, now I’m dying to go.

My first book, Love Redesigned, is set in the Alsatian region of France. Alsace sits on the border of France and Germany.  And in fact, that region was yanked back and forth for hundreds of years between the control of France and Germany.  But it’s been in the good hands of France since WWII, and hopefully it’s there to stay.

Alsace is one of the wine regions, and while my first book is about a French fashion designer and an American cake artist, the next book in my French Kiss Connection series is about a female International Sommelier.  So now all my pins are about wine!  And baseball…you see, the hero is (WAS!) an American baseball star.

So join me here in my little (French for now) world to learn more about my books.

Au revoir!